Educational pillars

Our beliefs are aligned with UNESCO´s four pillars report about education for 21st century. It can be found in our very name:

  • Entrepreneurship (learning to do) – Development of self-confidence and self-discipline along with the ability to work together. Pupils are instigated in their intrinsic curiosity, constantly encouraged to BRING UP and MAKE things;
  • Continuous education process (learning to know) – Awareness of the ‘importance of’ and ‘pleasure in’ learning throughout life. Pupils are enabled to take responsibility for their learning and to become lifelong learners (to assume a positive attitude towards learning).
  • COllaborative learning (learning to live together) – To promote respect, tolerance, generosity, empathy through sharing practices.
  • Self-knowledge and development of senses (learning to be) – To bring back the idea that human beings have to be developed integrally – intelligence, sensibility, aesthetic sense and ethics – to formulate their own thoughts.