Bilingual education

ECCOS School provides, since the nursery level, a pleasant and fun exposure to English as a Second Language. For ECCOS, early childhood is the best time for second language acquisition.

ECCOS goal is to give sufficient support to pupils so that they can communicate orally, as well as through written language, enabling them to participate in the world as global citizens.

ECCOS Bilingual Education approach is not limited to extended English classes. Pupils are exposed to the second language all the time, through games, storytelling activities and music.

In order to provide our pupils and staff the opportunity of a real-life experience involving foreign languages and cultures, ECCOS has linked Schools in United Kingdom, as Plymouth School of Creative Arts (Plymouth), St James CE Primary School (London) and Beechwood Primary School (Luton). Through these partnerships pupils and staff have been:

  • Enriching by sharing experience activities
  • Thinking on diversity, building values as empathy, respect (to difference) and tolerance;
  • Involving in communicative setting, making use of language in a real and purposeful way;

ECCOS has been supported by the BRITISH COUNCIL, the British government institution in charge of boosting Culture, Art and Educational initiatives involving linking with British and foreign Schools.

Since the beginning of Primary School level (Year 1), students are also introduced to Spanish.