Pupils: At ECCOS, learning is not a mechanical process based on repetition and only memorization. ECCOS is committed to deeper learning, not limited to ‘teaching to the test’. In fact, ECCOS believes that learning happens through personal reflection and experience exchange. So pupil (and not the content) is the most important part in the learning process (Pupil centered learning). 

Staff: According to ECCOS ethos, teachers are facilitators in the learning process rather than ‘exclusive owners of knowledge’. They mediate the process rather than simply ‘transfer’ information.

Environment: ECCOS infrastructure was specially designed to support intellectual and socio-emotional development. Each corner was thought to provide a learning experience.

Family: ECCOS nurture an atmosphere of constant experience exchange and alignment of expectations. At ECCOS, parents can get a constantly guidance in how to help their kids learning “PROCESS” development as well as room to comfortably discuss their anxiety and difficulties in doing so. For ECCOS, parents and school are partners in the challenging and wonderful mission of educating.

Besides the individual attendance (one to one), parents are invited to take part on ‘Circles’ to share experiences on education. Circles are leaded by an education professional, psychologists, as well as health professionals. Amongst the themes already discussed, it can be mentioned:

  • Limits at childhood
  • Education for autonomy
  • Developing reading and writing behavior and skills on children
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Sexuality
  • Healthy food
  • Bullying
  • Education for the 21st Century
  • Principal and practices in bilingual education